The Worldwide Sukkathon is an initiative for shuls to each learn and complete Masechta Sukka on Hoshana Rabba night followed by a siyum thereafter. It will unite communities as we together focus on the same Torah goal at the climax of Yomim Noraim, one of the most powerful nights of the year.

Hoshana Rabba night is known as the last moment of the sealing of the year’s judgement, and is traditionally a time for Tikkun and Torah Learning. What better way to spend Hoshana Rabba night then engrossed in Torah learning together with fellow members of your shul.

There is something special about walking into a packed Shul, focused and alive with a common goal. The Kol Torah, the excitement in the air, the unity of many different people with different backgrounds, all learning and finishing the same Masechta. Doing this together with communities across the globe intensifies the magnitude of the event.

The shul will divide the masechta with every participant taking one omud/daf and finishing it. Participants pre-select their learning through this website and all the information is sent to their specific shul.

Scores of people participated in, watched or read about the mammoth Siyum Hashas with 92,000 people. It was very inspiring and unifying. So why doesn’t everyone join in?

​​ Sometime the lack of learning skills and the fear of not accomplishing holds us back. Some of us say to ourselves quietly “If only we could join in”. Now, together with the Artscroll App (and in-house tutors where they can be provided), the Sukkathon will allow anyone to learn at least one omud/daf (page) of the Gemarah and join in the Siyum.

The end result is a tremendous sense of accomplishment that will motivate us to take on even bigger projects, and strive for targets higher than we ever thought possible

This project hopes to whet the appetite of those who have never learned an omud of Gemara before, and certainly never made a Siyum on an entire Masechta.

There are 2 options for shuls to take part:

  • No cost for the shul but each participant is asked for a donation upon registration that will go towards Kinyan Hatorah institutions.
  • $500 for a shul and the participant donation upon registration will go to the shul minus a 10% handling cost. The first 100 shuls get a 15% discount
  • Click here to fill out the form.

    We will provide your shul with a choice of marketing material with customized details, timings and location of the learning, as well as access to the Artscroll App.

    Find your local shul here and select your omud/daf, fill in your details and you're signed up!

    If you can't find an answer to your question, just get in touch at info@worldsukkathon.com